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Our Mission: To Enhance Skills and Transform Lives of All Individuals with Differing Abilities.

A staff member helping an individual in Lumibility's program. Our Story

Formerly known as SARAH Inc., Lumibility has a longstanding history of providing high-quality support to individuals in our community with differing abilities. Founded in 1957 by three Guilford families, SARAH was created to provide individuals living with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities with quality educational experiences and access to meaningful employment opportunities. Over time, SARAH evolved to offer residential housing, independent living support, transitional services, and employment partnerships.

In 1989, the SARAH Foundation was formed with the main goal of generating resources and increasing awareness for the programs and services provided by SARAH. In 1990, the board's leadership decided to reorganize SARAH from one agency into three separate agencies, including SARAH Inc., each tailored to specific programs and services.

In 1997, acknowledging the need for enhanced support services for children, Kidsteps Early Intervention Program was established. Starting with a modest team of five dedicated to serving the shoreline area, Kidsteps has grown to become the largest nonprofit Birth to Three provider in Connecticut, now providing its vital services to fifty-one towns across the state!

In recent years, SARAH Inc.'s journey has continued to show significant growth, expanding its services and reach across Connecticut. In 2023, SARAH Inc. established itself as an independent organization separate from the SARAH family of agencies and was renamed Lumibility. This exciting endeavor enables our organization to align our mission and growth with our long-term vision and goals.

Lumibility is the fusion of illuminate and ability. This name signifies our capability to empower the individuals that we serve, foster positivity, and lead the way to a future where each person's unique abilities shine brightly.

Our Services

Lumibility offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of children and adults with intellectual and developmental differences. From services for children at the youngest of ages to enrichment programs, assistive technology, and employment supports, our person-centric approach nurtures every aspect of an individual's present and future.

Join us as we build stronger, more inclusive communities and continue our journey of empowerment, support, and growth.