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Two individuals supporting advocacy for nonprofits

Advocacy is Putting Our Mission in Action

Lumibility has been at the forefront of important legislative issues and the voice for those who struggle to be heard. Our dedicated staff continually advocate on behalf of those in our programs and strive to help each individual in our programs find their voice and provide a platform to be heard.

During the Connecticut legislative sessions, we work closely with the Connecticut Nonprofit Alliance and other agencies to help advocate for ourselves and those in our programs. Our team is committed to hosting legislative events, sending messages, and delivering testimonies to legislators, emphasizing the importance of our work. In addition to our advocacy efforts, we promote and support a variety of organizations devoted to promoting, protecting, and improving supports and services for people with differing abilities.

Our advocacy efforts are reflected in our mission to enhance skills and transform the lives of all individuals with differing abilities.The purpose of these advocacy efforts is to promote positive change in Connecticut and support the sustainability of non-profit human service agencies like ours. We advocate to ensure resources are available both short-term and long-term for families and individuals working towards fulfilling, independent lives.