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Employment Services

An individual enrolled in the Lumibility's employment services to be a police officer.

Our Adult Employment Services Programs provide supports to adults throughout Connecticut, where they are supported in a variety of roles across retail, service, and manufacturing within the community. Personalized services and support are provided to each adult, aiming to achieve their individual goals. Our program staff is committed to guiding individuals through all phases of the employment journey, from crafting resumes and preparing for interviews to securing internships, receiving on-site job coaching, and facilitating ongoing skill enhancement.

An individual enrolled in the Lumibility's employment services

Impact Story

"I personally love taking the time to have these one-on-one sessions to dig deep and ask personal questions about ideal work environments that an individual may have never been asked before. Considerations for lighting, noise, and how much social interaction they would prefer at work are just a small example of the many questions we ask to prepare a personalized plan for an individual’s ideal employment setting."

- Lumibility Team Member