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99% Effective: Your Resource For Children & Adults With Differing Abilities Ninety-Nine Percent Effective, a podcast presented by Lumibility, is designed to help listeners uncover resources for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or delays spanning all ages. This podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics, from early childhood through adulthood, highlighting the challenges and victories associated with disabilities, whether experiencing them firsthand or supporting someone who does. It features a diverse lineup of guests, such as individuals supported by Lumibility, family members, caregivers, and representatives from governmental agencies, solidifying its role as a vital resource for those affected by disabilities and their families. By providing fresh insights monthly, "Ninety-Nine Percent Effective" ensures its audience stays informed and supported.

The podcast is co-hosted by Jen Kostek, who serves as the Intakes and Special Projects Coordinator at Lumibility, and Tesha Tramontano-Kelly of TTK358 Consulting, LLC.

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