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Transitional Services (TRN)

Individuals in Lumibility's transitional services.

Our Transitional Services program uses a multi-faceted approach to help individuals reach their goals. This is a 100% community-based program that uses a group model of instruction for 4-5 people per group, supported by a job coach. We use a combination of community assessment sites, an online interactive training curriculum, and internships to help individuals learn the skills needed to qualify for an ideal job.

Life-centered education is the educational curriculum Lumibility utilizes in the Transitional Services program. We provide individuals in the program with access to iPads for training modules and engage in hands-on instruction.

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A picture of Josh utilizing Lumibility's transitional services

Josh's Story

"Josh has participated in our Transitional (TRN) program for nearly three years. He appreciates the opportunity to volunteer at various assessment sites and gain diverse work experiences. Josh aspires to work in a cinema in the future and enjoys socializing with his peers and job coach during lunch and morning social gatherings.

Recently, Josh has been working hard at Big Lots. Through this volunteer role, he has mastered the skills of fronting shelves and organizing the aisles independently. This experience provides him with a significant advantage as he prepares to apply for competitive positions this summer through our ISE program!"